Queens, you are going to love this wellness tea!

It taste so good hot or cold and it does wonders for the hair and scalp!

It promotes healthy hair growth, it strengthens the hair follicles, it prevents hair loss, it helps slow down greying, and it treats dry scalp!


And not only is this Tea good for hair growth but it is also a wellness tea for the body and it helps to relieve menstural cramps, it helps improve digestion, it helps to lower cholesterol levels, it's a anti depressant, it aids in weightloss and it helps protect the liver!


This tea includes a few other herbs that are awesome for the hair and scalp wellness when paired with Hibiscus.

And the other herbs included are:


Organic Rosehip which repairs damaged hair, damaged scalp tissue, moisturizes the hair, and helps to reduce scalp conditions like dandruff and dryness.


Organic Lemongrass which also is great for dandruff and for soothing scalp irritation.


Organic Lemon Peel which stimulates the scalp for hair growth, it helps to reduce dandruff, it clarifies the hair and regulates a proper ph of the hair and scalp.