THIS NATURAL HAIR KIT IS JUST WHAT EVERY CURLY HAIR GIRL NEEDS TO KEEP THE NATURAL HAIR SOFT, MANAGEABLE, HEALTHY, AND STRONG! THE KIT CONTAINS:COCONUT MINT & ROSEMARY CLEANSING TEA (8oz))COCONUT MINT & ROSEMARY CONDITIONING NECTAR (8oz)STRAWBERRY & BANANA LEAVE IN SMOOTHIE (8oz)COCONUT LATTE HYDRATING MILK (8oz)ROSEMARY & BASIL HAIR SCALP BUTTER (4oz)***You save $6 when you buy the entire bundle instead of buying them individually *** THESE PRODUCTS ARE ALL PLANT BASED AND HANDMADE WITH ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLE EXTRACTS, HERBS, ESSENTIAL OILS, AND NATURAL BUTTERS TO GIVE OUR NATURAL HAIR ALL THE NUTRITION AND NOURISHMENT THAT IT NEEDS TO STAY HEALTHY!STEP 1:Shampoo your hair with the Cleansing Tea at least twice so you can make sure to get the hair and scalp thoroughly clean.Step 2:Apply the Deep Conditioning Nectar and cover your hair with a plastic cap underneath a steam cap for about 15 to 20 minutes ( I suggest using a steam cap instead of a hooded dryer because the steam helps the conditioner penetrate all the way down the hair shaft and when using the hooded dryer the heat only lets the conditioner sit on top of the hair without penetrating the hair shaft). *Gold and Hot Steam Cap is a good choice. It usually runs about $29 or $39 and it is usually found at Sally’s, Walmart, or your local neighborhood beauty supply.Step 3:Rinse off the conditioner and spray on the Leave-In smoothie to instantly soften and detangle the hair. Do not rinse out and style as usual.Step 4: Once the Hair has been dried, apply a small amount of the Hydrating Milk to add moisture to your hair and to keep it from getting dry and brittle. This is a daily moisturizer, you can use it as needed. Only a little is needed because it’s very concentrated.Step 5: You may apply the Hair & Scalp Butter also as needed. This Butter is made of special herbs and oils that help to heal and nourish the hair and scalp and to keep the scalp from being dry and itchy usually associated with dry scalp or eczema. The herbs awaken the hair follicles and helps to regrow those thin, balding, and weak areas.