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Thanks very much Queens for your understanding in this matter!
I just found out that there will be increases from my corporate office on the rent and then from my vendors where I purchase my ingredients and get my product bottles to make my products!
It seems as if there has been a slight price increase on multiple different things like groceries, the housing market, etc.

So again, I thank each of you for your understanding in this matter!
I had not planned on doing an increase on my prices but I had to make the decision to do it so I can continue to run my business and offer my salon services and products effectively.

There will not be a big jump in prices!
Only about $10 added on each service so for an example, instead of the Retightening Services regularly being $60.00 per hour, it will increase to $70 per hour plus you know the price of the Steam Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment will be added on as well just like before so it will be a Retightning Package like before.

The new prices for the Retightning Packages and other services will be listed on my appoinments page where they are usually listed anyway.

Thankyou so much,
Be Blessed! 

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