Braids Should NOT Make You Loose Hair!

“You should NOT be losing your hair with braids”!!!! Braids are my profession and my passion and they can be the most healthiest protective style ever, promoting beautiful healthy hair and they can also be the worst if installed improperly or practicing poor home maintenance regimens. Most people believe that having braids installed tightly will make the braids look better and last longer but this is so far from the truth, you are actually causing damage and potential hair loss when doing that. Please do not allow your braid stylist to install your braids tightly around the perimeter of your head (your edges and the nape area), because doing this will cause visible white bulbs, tiny red bumps, or severe headaches after your installation and that is terrible and so unhealthy. This means that the hair follicles are being pulled so tightly that they are being weakened, damaged, and uprooted from the scalp which could then cause Traction Alopecia which can be seen in the picture above. 

Traction Alopecia is a form of gradual hair loss that comes from too much tension and stress on the hair follicles. The hair can possibly come back with proper diet and proper hair and scalp treatments but in some cases the hair loss can be permanent.  

Do remember that keeping the braids pulled up or back in ponytails all the time can also cause hair thinning and hair loss because it puts stress on your edges and nape area (the back of your neck). So please be careful when you are going to different places for your Braiding services. The whole objective with protective styling is to protect your own hair, give it a break from heavy styling, help your hair to transition safely, and to promote beautiful healthy hair and not destroy and damage it!