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Queens, please know that the VIP Membership only last for 6 months from January to June and my website calendar will only be open on January 1st and as a VIP Member, you will be able to go online and book up to June.
Then on June 1st, the VIP Membership starts again and my online calendar will be opened and as a VIP Member, once you join the Membership for the second time, you will then be able to book up to December!

Queens, when you do both Memberships, you will be able to book for the entire year and my appointments go really fast, they are usually booked anyway for months in advance and some clients have to go on the waiting list because every spot is filled and they were not able to get in for  appointments so you can see how being a VIP Member can really benefit you!

My online booking calendar only opens twice a year so if you are not a VIP Member, it will be almost impossible for you to get any appointments in, VIP Members get first pick for appointments and others that are not VIP Members will have to go on the waiting list until something becomes available.

Become a VIP Member today!

Thannks for signing up Queen!

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