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Hello Queens!

So you are ready to embrace your beautiful God given crowns and you want to know more about my "Queen Micro Locs" (TM) Wellness System!

Please know that your hair is your "glory" and its given to you as a covering, a beautiful gift from the Father when He created us!

Well, my signature "QueenMicro Locs" Wellness System differs  from other Loc  systems out there.

My "Queen Micro Locs "are for Queens only that are ready to let the beauty of their hair and let the glory of it shine through!

My "Queen Micro Locs"  is a plant based chemical free healthy hair care system that only uses my specially made vegan products to maintain their beauty and the health and wellness of the scalp.

They are small micro sized locs and very lightweight and they do resemble the Sisterlocks but the technique is different and there are a few other things that make them different from the Sisterlocks.

Dr. Cromwell founded and trademarked the Sisterlocks (TM) and she has a special technique that you must follow, a certain grid pattern, she has her own Sisterlock (TM) products and her own Sisterlocks tool that is used to installed them and you must complete the Sisterlock (TM) training in order to offer them and to be able to use the name.

I have went through the Sisterlock (TM) training years ago and I did offer them at my Salon but there were different treatments that I wanted to offer my Loc clients and I wanted to create my own Vegan/Plant based Loc products to maintain the Locs and I knew that my way of doing things would be going outside or against the Sisterlock (TM) way so I decided to create my own signature Locing System"Queen Micro Locs".


They are installed using the interlocking method with my own interlock tool and this way, the hair is already locked at the roots so there is no waiting period to shampoo and style your locks, they can be styled the same day and you don't have to worry about them coming down or unraveling as you would like normal traditional locs that are started with the twist method unless you have a very soft texture of hair which would take longer to loc and you could possibly experience a little slippage here or there in the beginning but nothing that we can not fix and then you may not.

It just depends on the texture of your hair. 

My signature "Queen Micro Locs "are done in 2 day sessions but it all depends on the length and the density of the client's hair because it has taken 3 days with a couple of clients because of the length of their hair but normally they are done in 2 day sessions.


My "Queen Micro Locs" are done on dry clean hair without the use of any gels, waxes, or butters unlike other traditional locs and when these extra products are used, they could cause product build up on the scalp where the pores can become clogged and oxygen can't get in and the scalp can become very dry and itchy so I never use product to install my "Queen Micro Locs".

The "Queen Micro Locs" are small in size giving neatness, versatility in terms of styling, and fullness.


A consultation is needed before the Queen Micro Loc installation so that I can do a full hair and scalp assessment and do measurements on the hair.


And for the consultation, your hair and scalp should be clean and free from any product and style or heat,  it should be in its natural state.


My Queen Micro Locs Included with my "Queen Micro Locs" Installation, clients will receive their very own maintenance kits with my Vegan products that are used to keep the "Queen Micro Locs" beautiful and healthy while at home in between salon visits.

With my "Queen Micro Locs", a every 6 -8 week Retightening Wellnesss Service is recommended and other than sleeping in a satin bonnet, applying the daily hydrating mist and the Buttercream which is your hydration/moisturizer and sealant and coming back to the Salon  for your shampoos and Retightenings every6 to 8 weeks, that's all the maintenance needed for my "Queen Micro Locs"!

Actually, you don't have to wait on your 6-8 week Retightening appointment for your shampoo, you can  just schedule an appointment for The "Queen Micro Locs" Spa Bath or The "Queen Micro Locs Spa Bath& Styling Package in between your Retightening appointment if you want to.

And you will be able to shampoo your hair at home as your Locs get older in between as well but I need to shampoo it the first few times so that I can make sure that your hair is locking properly and that  you know how to shampoo it properly at home.

But mostly all of my clients prefer that I shampoo it for them, they enjoy the hair and scalp pampering and the whole Salon experience!

My "Queen Micro Locs"are very beautiful, easy, and they grow your hair super fast!

You can swim with them, exercise, and sweat with them and your locs will still be beautiful and full of life!

My "Queen Micro Locs" are only done with your beautiful natural hair, there are no extensions involved! 

My "Queen Micro Locs" make life  so much more easier and after having them installed, I promise you that you will never have another bad hair day neither will you have a regret!

It will leave you asking yourself, "why didn't I do this sooner".....

Schedule your consultation today and join the "Queen Micro Locs" family,  you'll be glad that you did!

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