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Hey Queens,

First of all, I want to thank you for your continued loyalty and support all of this time!

It has been another AMAZING year and God's favor and grace has been here every step of the way and I am truly grateful!

Each and every one of you have truly been a blessing to not only my business but also to my family as well!

Because we have more than just a Loctician and client relationship but we are family and I look forward to spending time fellowshipping with each of you at your appointments!

I am so excited about what the Lord is about to do in our lives for 2023 both collectively and individually for each of us and for our families , I can hardly wait to see and hear all of the great testimonies that are about to come out!

Tomorrow is VIP Booking Day and there are just a few VERY important details that everyone needs to know prior to booking!

Booking Details

1. All Booking is done on my website under "appointments" and only the VIP Members will be able to book on tomorrow!

If you are not a VIP Member and you go on my website tomorrow to book your 6 month appointments, unfortunately, the system will delete all of your appointments!

And also if you are not a VIP Member, you will have to go on the waiting list for your appointments and you will be notified if something comes up.

2. Booking starts at 9am tomorrow so please do not try to book before 9am because if you do, unfortunately the system will delete all of your appointments and I really would hate if someone lost their dates.

3. My booking calendar only opens twice a year and that's on January 1st and June 1st  and after tomorrow, it won't open again until June which is when the VIP Membership starts again. So as you can see, I am no longer accepting new clients at this time! I am only servicing current clients that are VIP Members and also current clients that are not VIP Members but no new clients at all right now!

And if you are a new client and you have already had your consultation and secured your dates for your Queen Microlocs Installation, you are now considered a current client so you are good!

4. If you are new to the VIP Membership and this is your first time booking appointments and you haven't had your installation yet, just go ahead and schedule 3 1/2 hours for your appointments. 

There are different hours for each retightening package so just choose the 3 1/2 hour package especially if you are new and unsure about which package to choose.

5. Remember that the VIP allows you to book up to 6 months so you can book up until June!

Each appointment should be 6 weeks apart and 8 weeks is the longest to stretch them out and anything after 8 weeks, is hard for me to guarantee the health, wellness,  and integrity of your Locs because my schedule for my system is for retightenings to be 6-8 weeks apart only and if the appointments are longer than 8 weeks, the results are that it will take more time because of the long over due amount of new growth, it will cost more because there will be a $25 fee added if a client gets off schedule and goes past 8 weeks, and going past the the 8 weeks time frame could cause the Locs to start thinning and getting weak and you know that I am all about the health and wellness of your Locs and Scalp!

Your hair should always be thriving and growing in abundance!

Because your hair is your glory!

Unfortunately, if you don't follow my signature regimen and stay on a 6-8 weeks schedule for your retightenings, the health and wellness of your Locs and your scalp will be compromised and I can't take responsibility for it!

6. I am bringing back the Sunday Product Pickups starting next Sunday January 8th and the pick up times will be 12:30pm until 2:30 pm only!

So that means the appointment times for Sundays ONLY will change!

Appointments will now be 8:00am and 3:00pm and by starting a little earlier on Sundays will allow me to be free to be able to prepare for clients to come for product pickups and I don't have to worry about still having to stop working on a client that's in  the chair which is unfair and taking away from the client's beauty appointment time.

So every other day Monday-Wednesday appointment times will remain the same, 9am and 2:30pm but ONLY on Sundays, the new appointment times will be 8:00am and 3:00pm.

7. For booking on tomorrow, the appointments are going to go very fast as they always normally do so for the clients that are new to the VIP Booking, it is best to already have your appointments ready so at 9am when booking starts, you will be ready to just put them in and not have to count up weeks and try to figure out appointments at that time because I promise you they will go fast!

And when making your appointments, it's going to ask you for your credit card number and that's only to secure your appointments, NOTHING will come off unless you are a no-show for your appointment and only then will it charge you a $75 cancellation fee unless you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment and then it won't charge you the cancelllation fee.

So you want to make sure that you have your card out and ready to make your appointments and not have to stop and go get it because when you stop, it's a possibility that the spot that you were trying to secure will no longer be available because my clients are quick and don't be messing around when it comes to making these appointments!

8. Lastly, this is also for clients that will be booking for the first time, the booking starts at 9am so please start booking on time and do not wait until 9:30 or 10:00 or later because I can almost assure you that the dates will be gone!

This is all that I have for booking!

Remember it starts at 9am and ends when all the appointments have been filled and I will send out text and emails to alert everyone that booking is closed and doesen't reopen until June 2023!

Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all about VIP Booking Day!

I am here for you!

Be Blessed Queens and I am looking forward to another blessed year to come!!!

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