Queens, you do not want to miss out on "Green Wellness Wednesdays!

As you all know, I am a Natural  Hair & Scalp Specialist and a Plant Based Lifestyle Enthusiast and for "Green Wellness Wednesdays", the emphasis is on the importance of going green and adding more plant based foods (Fruits and Veggies) in our diet and more plant based hair and skin care products that will help promote healthy hair growth, beautiful radiant skin, and strong healthy bodies!

A lot of clients ask me for tips on starting a plant based lifestyle and for "Green Wellness Wednesdays, that's what I will do.

I will be sharing plant based recipes and more so if you would like to come along on this lifestyle journey, sign up for my email list and you will receive it all right in your inbox!

*Divine Hydration Season starts July 1st - September*






The "Rochelle Regimen" Healthy Lifestyle Blog

Natural Opulence is not just a Salon to come to and get your Tree Braids and other pretty styles but Natural Opulence Salon has now become a Healthy Lifestyle Resource Center for the health and wellness of your hair and scalp!

*I will be sharing my insights on how nutrition is the foundation to having beautiful healthy hair, scalp, and skin.

* I will be sharing how I switched over to a  plant basedAlkaline Vegan diet and how it has changed the health of my hair and skin and really my overall wellbeing

and so much more! 

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Tammy C., client

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