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What are Tree Braids?
Tree Braids, also known as "lacing" or "interlocking" is a very safe protective style great for all hair types. Tree Braids are an alternative to  Sew- in Extensions and  the installation time is much quicker than Micro Braids.
Tree Braid Extensions are very easy to care for with very little maintenance required. They are created  using a couple of different techniques but regardless of which technique is used, a "crochet needle" is never used for Tree Braids. 

My technique of Tree Braiding consist of  braiding the client's hair into cornrows while interlocking the Extension hair and leaving some of the Extension hair out. From the back, they appear as a head full of beautiful hair with a little bit of the braids showing in the front and they last for approximately 6-8 weeks  (depending on the hair growth cycle of each individual client  and depending on the home maintenance).

Tree Braids are very easy and gentle on the hair and scalp and they help  promote healthy hair growth because while clients are wearing the Tree Braids the  scalp is free and able to breathe  and the client's hair is protected  and allowed to rest during that time of wearing the Tree Braids. I have found that  with my clients, Tree Braids are the most healthiest way to transition from relaxed to natural hair and they are also a great non-surgical hair loss solution for clients dealing with hair loss and thinning._