Natural Opulence Salon Inc.
"the perfect escape from the ordinary"

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Our Story

First of all, I just thank each and every one of you for being loyal clients all these years that we have been open! Most of you have been with me since day one and that really means a lot.

The  Beginning 

It all began with abou 5 years ago when I decided that I would change the path of my hair business from doing chemical relaxers to natural hair. I was awaken from a dream from the Holyspirit showing me how the chemicals that we as women were putting in our hair and scalp to make us look beautiful were actually destryoing our hair and scalp causing breakage, skin and scalp irritations, hair loss and baldness, and even skin cancer could be a result of these chemicals and I knew then that I just could not offer the chemical services any longer.

I began to meet women that were afraid to "go natural" because they didn't think they were pretty,  they did not think they had the confidence to wear it, and they didn't feel that they would be accepted in society. But that is the lie along with others that we have been told all these years. That we are not pretty enough or that our hair is too nappy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our naturality, it is who we are! God made us this way, fearfully and wonderfully made in His image  and likeness and when we love who we are and embrace it, we are bringing Him Glory!

 And at that point, I knew that this was far more than a business but it was my Ministry. My husband was my support system and He encouraged me to go forth. And, so was my children and parents a big support system. So I basicily started all over and let all of my clients go and this was my livelyhood for years ( so I thought). This was really the biggest leap of faith in my life but I knew I had to trust God, be obedient, and let Him restore me like He promised

So I started braiding hair in my mother's home for a very little while until, it seemed as if it was overnight, and clients were coming from everywhere and this was all by word of mouth and my  schedlule was began booking up like crazy.

 So then, I realized, I had to take one more leap of faith and open the Salon. Again, my family was my support system and encouraged me to do it. My husband took an empty plain white wall building and used his creativity to decorate and make it what it is today. All Glory to God, thanks to my family and my beautiful clients that Natural Opulence Salon Inc. has been in business for over 3 years now and since the very first day, it has been a tremendous blessing!

My family is everything! 

We are so very proud of our sons, they have grown to be two awesome young men and they have also been a big blessing to the business. Even if it's just sweeping the Salon floors, taking out the garbage or staying with me in the evenings until I finish, I really appreciate and thank God for them!

This is what my husband started with !