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 Sisterlocks(TM) are now being offered at Natural Opulence Salon!!!!

*You must call or email to schedule a consultation, Sisterlocks(TM) Installations can not be booked on my website*

I am Rochelle Woods, The Sisterlocks(TM) Registered Practicioner, Master TreeBraider, and Natural Hair Care and Lifestyle Specialist. I currently serve clients  in Memphis, Tn, Jackson, Tn, Jackson, Ms, West Memphis, Ark, and West Helena, Ark. I have been specializing in My Luxury Tree braids for years now which are my own creative signature technique and they are a very elegant and healthy protective style which gives your own natural hair a rest while promoting healthy hair growth in the process.

But now, I would like to introduce The Sisterlocks(TM) System to clients who are now ready to embrace their own beautiful natural hair texture by taking their Natural Hair  to a whole new level of freedom!

  Natural Opulence Salon Inc. is and always has been based on promoting a healthy lifestyle with healthy holistic hair and body care by helping clients to celebrate and embrace their natural hair and beauty without the use of any chemicals. But now with the addition of The Sisterlocks(TM) System, I am now able to provide clients with the ultimate complete Natural Lifestyle of total unexplainable freedom by helping them discover their inner "Queen" which only comes from learning to celebrate their own God given textured hair and beauty.

Natual Opulence is a Organic and Chemical Free Concept Salon. It is a very intimate and luxurious oasis full of beauty and serenity created to encourage and inspire women to love their own natural beauty with confidence and elegance.  At Natural Opulence Salon, I focus on healthy hair and scalp care fitness by providing my own line of  Chemical Free Organic Hair Care Products that are made with only the best farm raised ingredients to help, nourish, strengthen, and bring life back to weak, damaged, and brittle hair. 

My Signature Organic products and  Natural Hair Care services are also created to help clients transition from relaxed to natural hair the healthy way without doing the big chop unless that is their choice.

While you are reading through my site, you will also find that I have created my own line of  Organic Handmade Bath and Body Products. All of the products and services that I offer at my Salon are Organic, Chemical Free, and Vegan. You can rest assure that from the moment that you step into Natural Opulence Salon, your health and beauty needs are my #1 priority and my goal here is not only to make clients look and feel beautiful with beautiful Sisterlocks(TM) and Luxury TreeBraids but also to assist in educating and guiding them into a more health conscious direction by giving everyday natural living tips and good nutritional food tips that will help promote good hair and scalp health and really just overall good health and wellness.  

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